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We offer sanding for structural and stainless steel

We offer sanding for structural and stainless steel. Blasting or sanding is pulling debris from the surface of metallic and non-metallic materials, through the application of “sand” on the material under a strong jet of compressed air. Blasting is used as pre-treatment before the final coating.








Without deformation and impairmen

Using this technology IMC Slovakia, s.r.o allows the removal of objects that are sensitive to heat, without which they would be distorted, and degraded. Blasting is advantageously used wherever dimensional surface topography prevents the use of other methods.







Advantages of sanding process at IMC Slovakia​






Quality results


We manage the entire process to achieve high quality results.





Technique accuracy


We use modern, innovative technologies and machines.





Top quality employees


All adjustments on metallic and non-metallic surfaces are performed by our highly skilled employees.





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