Our certificates at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o.



Our work approach towards every projects






Production quality comes first


We offer products and services conform to all applicable EU norms and standards. 





Modern technology


We constantly check and innovate our technologies, technological, and machinery park.





Highly skilled workers


We achieve goals through advanced technologies and highly skilled, liable, and linguistically proficient workers. 





Collective work


The quality production is the result of collective effort of all our employees.





Selecting suppliers


To choose a suitable supplier is a first step to keep up our business cooperation.





Fulfilling customers wishes


We constantly fulfilling the wishes of our customers and deliver a quality produc on time.





We measure measured


Workflow monitoring, controlling and analysing are necessary so that our business processes continually meet the needs of a competitive marketplace.





Continual improvement processes


Monitoring, measurement, evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and data analysis are the means for continuous improvement of the quality management system.







Educated and highly skilled workers provide the professionalism in the workplace. Therefore, training courses and continuing education is a part of achieving our goals.




Profile of the company