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The company sales of aluminium, aluminum materials and bronze. We offer aluminium manufacturing process of bronze profiles and their alloys. We offer aluminum sheets, plates, rods, profiles, pipes, aluminum-bronze sheets, rods and pipes, bronze rods and pipes.



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Solar panels in IMC Slovakia


Protecting the environment, conserve nature and live ecologically - these are also IMC Slovakia's priorities. That is why every year we try to find a way to make the most of green technologies, thus available and clean energy sources that we can obtain directly from nature. Since solar energy is one of the most available and cleanest forms of renewable energy, we have focused on its use through solar panels. Solar panel energy has many benefits. It is renewable, does not require demanding maintenance and is not noisy. The use of solar energy does not create pollution. Certain emissions occur during the production and assembly of panels, but are minimal compared to the production of electricity from fossil fuels.







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