Research and development at IMC Slovakia s.r.o.




The company‘s goal is to keep moving forward

Research and development at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. is an important part and one of the key factors for ensuring long-term competitiveness and customer satisfaction. It is enabled by an experienced team of workers in the technical department, which is composed of the departments of design, technology and new projects. In collaboration with other staff at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o we can solve even the most complicated assignment, through project management.








Research department focuses on the areas of:

  • providing new solutions for our customers, developing customer ideas, joint development of  new facilities, own proposals to change the design of devices in terms of reducing production costs,
  • providing new solutions to increase productivity, choosing the right technology and developing own processes and technological equipment to increase quality and productivity of manufacturing,
  • development of new solutions for the Green program.







We deliver excellent service quality, which is fully under the company’s management.


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