Assembly and Design work at IMC Slovakia




The assembly of machines and lines

IMC Slovakia focuses on the assembly of complex machines, lines, simple and complex parts. The assembly department has its own test facility centre with equipment for up to 170kW. Assembly halls cover almost 6500 m2.


Methods of assembly:

  • Mechanical,
  • Electric,
  • Pneumatic,
  • Hydraulic system.







Advantages of assembly lines, machines,  simple and complex parts  at IMC Slovakia






Top quality employees


Lines, machines, simple and complex parts are assembled and maintained by highly skilled and trained employees.





Control under our direction


Assembled machines and lines have to pass the test facility centre, where products have to meet all EU rules and regulations, before being dispatched to customers.





Meeting multiple deadlines


We make sure that multiple projects are completed on time.







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We have our own design department

The company’s progression has led to the development of its own design department. The department now works on the technical preparation for orders, format transformation of drawings, consulting with customers, drawing out details, adjusting of documentation for specific customer requirements and technological options for production, optimization of lists of materials, preparation of manufacturing documentation, as well as the design of complete equipment.








A Fully fledged partner for mechanical manufacturing

The design department offers capability for the development of design, as well as cooperation in the development of various areas of production engineering, including prototyping, redrawing the design documentation in the programs ME10, ACAD 2002 (2D) and Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks (3D) and in creating developed shapes for the bent sheet metal parts.







Advantages of our design department






Design and modelling


We use different design and modelling programs.





Language and professional skills of employees


Highly qualified and experienced workers secure production in various fields of design work.







We focus on cooperation with companies from the European Union and the U.S. from various industries.







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