The history of IMC Slovakia, s.r.o.



Slovak company and ownership

IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. was founded in 1995 in Považskej Bystrici by Ing. Jaroslav Ďurkovský and his wife Romana Ďurkovská. It is a private company 100 % owned by Slovak partners. Since its establishment, the firm has dynamically grown and developed. The production area covers almost 23 000 m2. The company specializes in manufacturing and business and employs more than 420 employees.








Business development of IMC Slovakia, s.r.o






30. 6. 1995

foundation in 1995



The company of IMC Slovakia, s.r.o., was founded in 1995 by Ing. Jaroslav Ďurkovský along with his companion and current wife Romana Ďurkovská.






foundation of AKB Slovakia, s.r.o., a design office



A separate design office for the company of Kisters was introduced in 1998. 






foundation of joint-venture with Rademaker, foundation of Rademaker Slovakia, s.r.o.



IMC Slovakia s.r.o. established its own manufacturing area, due to inability of suppliers responding flexibly to all demands of their customers. Rademaker Slovakia, s.r.o. is located in Šebešťanová.






transformation into a business company



Transformation into a manufacturing and business company begins with construction of manufacturing operations in Šebešťanová. The company’s aim is to focus on the production and assembly for tunneling constructions for Kisters company.






foundation of joint-venture with Kisters, foundation of Kisters Slovakia, s.r.o.



The Kisters Maschinenbau GmbH and Ing. Jaroslav Ďurkovský signed the Cooperation and Participation Agreement on 8 August 2000.






foundation of joint-venture with Desma, foundation of Desma Slovakia, s.r.o., and KSK Slovakia, s.r.o.



The last joint-venture establishes with Klockner Desma Elastomertechnik GmbH. IMC Slovakia buys-out of Kister’s share in Kisters Slovakia s.r.o., and establishes of KSK Slovakia with Slovak owners.






The Slovak Republic becomes a member of the European Unioní



IMC Slovakia manages assembly of simple parts, complex machines and lines in its own production. The flow of new customers and relationships established within the framework of foreign cooperation.






foundation of Teprofa Slovakia, s.r.o., in Sabinov



In 2006, Teprofa Slovakia, s.r.o. was founded in the eastern part of Slovakia. Nowadays, Teprofa has an essential role in replenishment production capacities at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o.






development of Metal Service Centre, opening of a new material store



The successful growth of material sales was the reason for opening Metal Service Centre - IMC Slovakia, s.r.o., in 2007. The company invested in new production halls, machinery and technologies.






construction of the heavy assembly hall and the financial crisis



The global and financial crisis that broke out in late 2008 affected our company. The decline, in orders had forced us to look for new business opportunities and partners. However, investments were made even during tough times. In 2008, we built a heavy assembly hall. And in 2009, we established a new production hall in Lipany in the eastern part of Slovakia with an area of 1,000 m2.





2012 and 2013

period of new collaborations and recovery from the financial crisis



Due to enormous effort of our company and customers, we recovered quickly from the global and financial crisis. The structure of the company was rebuilt and the management was renewed.






introduction of a new control system IFS



Duo to increasing demands on our planning production, a new control system was introduced, IFS. The new system was launched in 2014. The new assembly hall KSK Slovakia, s.r.o. was opened with an area of 1,000 m2. The unexpected complications appeared, but we managed to overcome the integration and complications of the new control system relatively quickly.






opening of the new hall- Technological centrum  



We opened a new production hall for the Technology Center with an area of 1,000 m2. In 2005, more premises were needed for new projects such as Green Technologies (pelletizing lines, packaging industry) and Smartwiel - electric wheelbarrows. The Technology Center uses its premises for creative construction and development of all our ideas.






opening of the new electrical assembly hall



We opened an electrical assembly department in 2016. Thus, we created a specialized workplace for our experts in electrical assembling. In this way, all assembled machines and lines pass through a test room, where the condition of the finished mechanism is checked before being handed over to customers.






opening of 4 new halls, a new product of the technological center - the electric wheelbarrow



This year, we managed to complete the construction of new halls and solemnlyinaugurate them. With the new premises, the number of permanent employees in IMC Slovakia is also increasing. We were looking forward to the results to which we devoted energy all of the previous year of 2016. We arranged for the removal and expansion of departments, which was necessary to meet all our customers’ expectations. A separate hall for the sale of material was created –the Metal Service Center. In addition to this separate hall, we had a new dispatch and warehouse system, a new Control and Quality Department and two new assembly halls used for heavy mechanical assembly. There was also a new entrance for freight transport, a new gatehouse and a parking lot for employees. The year ended with new large light logos in the halls. As part of the Smartwiel project, we designed and produced our own product – an electric battery-powered wheelbarrow. This year, we also purchased a number of new equipment, such as a high-dynamic laser center, a robotic welding workplace and a CNC controlled hydraulic press brake. In Teprofa Slovakia, s.r.o., we completed the construction of the H4 and H5 assembly halls.






new custom product – electric scooters, building a relaxation zone, summer kitchen and workout



A new large project – electric scooters – was created in the technological center. By the time we launched them, we had been developing and fine-tuning them for almost two years. This year, we rebuilt the machine shop, invested in a new vertical device and aligner machine. We created a green relaxation zone for employees and a summer kitchen for more pleasant breaks. We also created a street workout for sports enthusiasts - employees, right in our premises.






new investments in coating, milling center and introducing of annealing technology



During the spring of 2019, we invested funds in new coating and milling center. The Technology Center moved to a new hall with its own warehouse. Due to modernization and growth of our employees, we created a new annealing area and started reconstruction of an administrative building.






new administrative building, logo and website



The reconstruction of administrative building has been completed this year along with a new lighting logo. The website of IMC Slovakia has new design, content and information about work benefits for employees.






Profile of the company