Metal sheet folding and bending processes




We use folding and bending processes in which there are no separation of materials

We have precision CNC technology for folding and bending steel sheets, blanks and cut shapes. CNC technology enables the optimization of the bending and folding process and guarantee a precision band angle of 0.01 mm. Machines bend or fold the complex and simple metals so that can reach theirs intended form. With soft metals it is possible to remove the trace of bending tools.








Metal sheet bending up to 5 000 mm length

Hydraulic presses bend steel and sheet parts up to 5 100 mm length and with the thickness of 12 mm. We guarantee the bend accurate of the angle for simple and complex shapes during the bending and folding process.







Advantages of folding sheets and parts (straightening) at IMC Slovakia






High quality technology


Quality is really important. Thus, we offer excellent technologies for bending and folding processes to our customers.




High quality standards


We guarantee the accuracy and quality during complex bending processes.





Different shapes


We manage to work with larger dimensions of simple and complex shapes during the processes.





No bending marks


With soft metals it is possible to remove the trace of the bending tool.





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A view on innovative, modern bending technologies at IMC Slovakia s.r.o.

Our extensive portfolio includes machines for die, panel and swing bending technologies, as well as large format and fully automated machines. There is a range of options available for each bending technology to suit specific needs of our customers. Due to modern, innovative technologies, we offer economic and effective advantageous bending methods. Thus, we are a reliable business partner, even when you plan a production in small scale production.







Technical specification of folding (bending) sheets and parts  


  • Maximum length: 5 100 mm
  • Maximum thickness: 12 mm
  • Guarantee quality and accuracy of bend: 0,01°
  • Guarantee high size precision after bending: 0,05 mm
  • Compressive strength of 850 kN






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