Degreasing process




We offer degreasing and coating processes for metal parts and units

By degreasing in an automatic insulated box, parts and unfinished products are prepared for the next coating operation. After degreasing parts are free from dirt, grease and other undesirable coatings on their surfaces. Degreasers are water based and therefore meet strict European standards. After degreasing process, the parts (products) are dried and ready for further processing.








The max. length of workpieces
is 3 500 mm

The max. length of degreased part is 3 500 mm. The degreasing box is equipped with 5-axis CNC automatic, spraying machine. The degreasing box is connected through pipes and vents to external heating unit with an output of 50kW, which provides warm air in the box to a temperature of 90° C and dries the degreased components.







Advantages of degreasing process at IMC Slovakia






Quality results


We manage the entire process to achieve high quality results.  





Technique accuracy


We use modern, innovative technologies and machines.




Top quality employees


All adjustments on metallic and non-metallic surfaces are performed by our highly skilled employees.





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Product dimensions suitable for degreasing


  • Max. width of workpiece: 2 500 mm
  • Max. length of workpiece: 3 500 mm
  • Max. height of workpiece: 2 000 mm
  • Steel degreasing box: CNC, 5-axis spraying machine







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