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We offer high quality coating services

We offer coating services to remove unevenness, sanding corrosion, masking threads, and modification of surface through wet coating. In order to achieve the highest quality of coating process, we use a CNC Concorde jumbo coating line. Wet coating uses a base and top coat selected from a range of RAL colour paints. The painting can be achieved with varying degrees of shine and the surface texture.  








We offer powder coating

Powder coating applies very thin but at the same time abrasion and resistant layer. Powder coating is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece. Under the action of static electricity, the powder is uniformly absorbed on the surface of the steel products in different colors. Powder coating protects steel from corrosion. The process does not produce any harmful compounds during application, manufacturers consider powder coating as an environmentally friendly and healthy finishing technology.







Advantages of coating process at IMC Slovakia






Quality results


We manage the entire process to achieve high quality results.   





Technique accuracy


We use modern, innovative technologies and machines.





Top quality employees


All adjustments on metallic and non-metallic surfaces are performed by our highly skilled employees.





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Technical information


  • Degrees of shine: shiny, semi-shiny, semi-matt, matt
  • Degrees of the surface texture: smooth, fine, rough, hammer texture
  • Varnish line: CNC Concorde jumbo coating line with dimensions 12000 x 3900 x 2800 mm, which can be converted into a two boxes in the ratio 1:2.
  • The color sampler: RAL







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