Abrasive blasting - blasting iron




We specialize in removing dirt and rust

Abrasive blasting technology at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. is  part of the surface treatment of rolled steel plates. Blasting removes dirt, rust or scale from the surface of plates.








Abrasive blasting of plates in
the length of 4 000 mm

We offer abrasive blasting up to plate length of 4 000 mm. The blasting machine processes about 6m length plates per hour. The plate is sandblasted along the entire length until a machine unloads the output on conveyor.







Advantages of abrasive blasting process at IMC Slovakia






Quality results


We manage the entire process to achieve high quality results. 





Technique accuracy


We use modern, innovative technologies and machines.





Top quality employees


All adjustments on metallic and non-metallic surfaces are performed by our highly skilled employees.





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Dimensions of sheets suitable for abrasive blasting


  • Max. sheet width: 2 000 mm
  • Max. sheet thickness: 25 mm
  • Max. sheet length: 4 000 mm
  • Production capacity: 6 m/hr.







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