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Profile of the company

Profile of the company

IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. was founded in 1995 in Považská Bystrica. The company headquarters is located 6 km from Považská Bystrica in the village of Šebešťanová. The company has since its inception built a stable position in the Slovak and foreign markets. It makes a profit and contributes to regional development and sustainable employment in the region.





Most of our production is exported throughout Europe. Our largest customers include major international companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain as well as from Slovakia.


IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. is located in an area of approximately 22,910 m². The company has office buildings, warehouses and factory buildings, in which one can find production going on in the cutting centres, machining centres, welding shop, surface treatment area, sanding are and assembly hall.






Our predominant area of activity is mechanical engineering industry. We have new mechanical engineering technologies and we produce both parts and complete machines.


Our company applies the principles of quality management system and is certified according to ISO 9001, which accepts the requirements of STN EN ISO 9001:2008 for the manufacture and processing of metals, fabricated metal products, the manufacture and repair of machinery and equipment. We also have a certificate for welding according to STN EN ISO 3834-2:2005.


To maintain the competitiveness of our production with European and world-leading companies we invest in technological development. Products are designed by our development team of designers using the latest computer technology. The aim of our company is to comprehensively address the needs of customers.


We also focus on mechanical manufacturing for various industries - food, automotive, steel, textile, ventilation, building and more.






An important part of IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. is the Metal Service Centre - IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. and it is one of the leaders in the Slovak market in supplying aluminium materials, aluminium-bronze materials, bronze, stainless and structural steels for machinery production.



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