Mechanical manufacturing at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o.



Manufacture of parts
and complex machines

Mechanical manufacturing forms the basis of our services.
Due to new investments in Information Technologies, the constant production of parts, complex machines and lines is guaranteed. The production area covers 23,000 m2. The company owns its own halls, warehouses, welding and coating shop, sandpit and assembly halls.







The quality of products is highly appreciated by foreign partners

The majority of our products are exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Quality manufacturing activities are appreciated by our native and foreign business partners and clients. The company provides manufacturing services for food, automotive, steel, textile, ventilation and construction industry.








mechanical engineering services






Advantages of mechanical manufacturing
at IMC Slovakia






Personal approach


Fulfilling customer requirements are the priority number one as well as looking for manufacturing solutions. Our company offers personnel and technological capacities for customized and personal manufacturing solutions.





Successfully satisfying
different industries


The company focuses on mechanical manufacturing for various food, automotive, textile, steel, structural and air conditioning industry.





Strict division


We divide production to stainless and black steel to satisfy customers in food industry, where rules  for manufacturing simple and complex lines must comply with the regulations.





Own certificates and standards


Our company applies the principles of quality management system and is certified according to ISO 9001,which accepts the requirements of STN EN ISO 9001:2008 for the manufacture and processing of metals, fabricated metal products, the manufacture and repair of machinery and equipment. We also have a certificate for welding according to STN EN ISO 3834-2:2005.



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Quality control


We offer high quality control of finished products at our measuring centre with various types of gauges. We provide measuring as an external service for our business partners. All instruments used in our company are regularly checked and calibrated with the business‘ internal measurement standards, whose calibration is performed by an externally accredited calibration laboratory accordance with national standards.



measuring centre





Modern, innovative technologies


To keep up the competitiveness of production, we invest in technological development. We focus on research and development led by our qualified employees.


research and development







Selection of mechanical engineering services at IMC Slovakia







Sheet metal processing

Do you need to bend or straighten the sheet metals or burn perfect cuts and detailed parts by laser? Our workshop uses the latest, modern laser technologies as well as the bending, straightening and die-cutting machines. With these modern technologies, we process your order according to tolerance limits.











Metalworking and metal production

Metalworking process operates on our own modern CNC lines and milling machines. We use professional horizontal WHQ drills and grooving machines. If you are looking for a reliable company for milling, turning, drilling and grooving of simple and complex metal parts, we offer you our services.











Welding process

Our highly skilled welders are in charge of welding. Through, welding technologies and robotic workplaces, we offer high quality services to our customers in sheets and stainless steel welding. Methodologies of MIG/MAG/TIG are used (semi-automatic welding of metals in a protective atmosphere of inert or active gas).











Surface treatments

The most common surface treatment technologies for sheets and stainless steel are sandblasting, abservative blasting, coating, powder coating, degreasing, annealing and grinding. Modification of surfaces are completely managed by our management in production halls.











Assembly and construction work

IMC Slovakia focuses on assembly of personal engineering parts, complex machines and lines. The assembly department has its own test facility with equipment for up to 170kW. Assembly halls cover almost 6500 m2. The design department is useful in the development of prototypes, management and preparation of production documentation.










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