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Abrasive blasting - blasting iron

Abrasive blasting - blasting iron

Abrasive blasting technology at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. is part of the surface treatment of rolled steel plates. Blasting removes dirt, rust or scale from the surface of the plates.

The plate proceeds in stages through the blasting machine while the medium (steel shot) blasts the plate surface and frees it of impurities. After blasting, the plate metal passes through the rotary brush segment located at the back of the machine where the plate is cleaned of dirt settled on it. Under the plate is placed on a solid brush wiping the dust from the bottom. This plate goes on an automatic cycle along the entire length along a conveyor.


Dimensions of plates suitable for blasting:



Max. plate width 2000 mm
Max. plate thickness 25 mm
Max. plate length 4000 mm
Performance of blasting machine: about 6 m (length) sheets / hr.







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