Mechanical engineering company IMC Slovakia, s.r.o.







Wide range of services


We offer a range of services in sheet metal processing, metal production, metalworking, different types of welding, surface treatment for metals, assembly lines and machines, external measurement and development.






Market stability


Reliable and professionally educated staff approach towards each order responsibly. We are among top leaders in engineering production in Slovakia.






Machinery Park


Technologies are regularly innovated. Education and progress developments are inevitable for our company as well as new investments in machinery parks and expansion of production capacity.






Our manufacturing engineering services


engineering services







IMC Slovakia

Mechanical engineering production since 1995

We are a reliable engineering company that has been on the market since 1995. Even though, there is a strong competition, we are one of the market leaders. The production quality and delivery dates are top priorities for our company. We have long-term business relations with foreign countries and partners, who have found a reliable and forward-looking partner for industry.



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Extensive production areas with more
than 265 employees

The production area has recently expanded and opened new production and construction halls. The production buildings are situated in a small village of Šebešťanová a few kilometres away from Považská Bystrica. The company goes hand in hand with expansion of the production premises, technological approach improvements, and technological innovations.