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Welding is a metallurgical process in which connections are formed through unbreakable interatomic bonds between the welded parts directly or through additional material for heating, or plastic deformation.

IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. has welding equipment, semiautomatic welding machines, welding inventors, pneumatic spot welders and welding machines. We weld MIG / MAG and TIG. Our skilled welders weld steel sheets (including stainless steel).



Robotic welding


IMC Slovakia s.r.o. has a robotic welding facility for small batch and unit production. The workplace is built as dual station. This means that according to the nature of the product it is either welded at the first station equipped with a uniaxial positioner, or as needed, on the other workstation equipped with Dual Axis positioner. By introducing of a simple but accurate exchange of welding product information we can react quickly and flexibly to changes in the production schedule. Repeatable positioning accuracy of the process to weld the product is ensured by a reliable manipulator with a reach of up to 2450 mm, which is complemented by the weld position sensor. Repeatable positioning accuracy of any position A to position B is a property of the manipulator + / - 0.08 mm. The introduction of the robotic welding shop in terms of company IMC Slovakia s.r.o. has achieved stabilization of the welding process in the range of small and large welding currents, which contribute significantly to the improvement of production.




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