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We offer high quality and precision straightening of sheet metal, mouldings, cut parts, laser parts with modern and innovative technology for straightening using our straightening devices at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. Using our straightening equipment parts which would take few hours to straighten manually are straight in just a few minutes and almost without tension.

The excellent results we have achieved for straightening parts with spaces gaps using the built-in gap regulation.


 Dimensions of parts suitable for straightening:


Thickness of the piece: 2 mm  - 23 mm
Width of piece: 100 mm - 1300 mm
Length of piece: min. 160 mm
  no scaling, rust and sharp edges

We straighten parts from :

  • steel
  • sheets of light metal


Examples of quality straightened parts:



cut out electrical sheets, steel plates, perforated plates, brake discs, blades, bars, steel products, stillages, stampings, cut-out plates


Straightening of parts on the straightening device ensures:


  • Adherence to high standards of quality
  • Enormous time savings
  • Straightening of parts with almost no tension
  • High degree of accuracy

Model example for the time taken for straightening stillages using different technologies:






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