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During its development, the IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. company has built up its own design department. The department currently works on the technical preparation for orders, format transformation of drawings, consulting with customers, drawing out details, adjusting of documentation for specific customer requirements and technological options for production, optimization of lists of materials, preparation of manufacturing documentation, as well as the design of complete equipment.

The design department uses a number of design and modelling programs. The working team consists of experienced engineers with many years of experience in various areas of design work and language proficiency as well as young workers with prospects for professional growth.


Design activity is focused on cooperation with companies from the European Union and the U.S. from various industries.

The design department offers capability for the development of design, as well as cooperation in the development of various areas of production engineering, including prototyping, redrawing the design documentation in the programs ME10, ACAD 2002 (2D) and Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks (3D) and in the area of creating developed shapes for the bent sheet metal parts.




Research and development at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. is an important part and one of the key factors for ensuring long-term competitiveness and customer satisfaction. It is enabled by an experienced team of workers in the technical department, which is composed of the departments of design, technology and new projects. In collaboration with other staff at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o we can solve even the most complicated assignment, through project management.


Our research focuses mainly on the areas of:

  • providing new solutions for our customers, developing customer ideas, joint development of new facilities, own proposals to change the design of equipment in terms of reducing production costs
  • providing new solutions to increase productivity, choosing the right technology and developing own processes and technological equipment to increase quality and productivity of manufacturing
  • Development of new solutions within the Green Program





One of the top priorities of our company is to provide our customers with the highest quality and perfection of the products supplied by us. For this reason, all our instruments are regularly checked and calibrated to national standards.




Our quality control department is staffed by specialists with many years of experience and can therefore offer the possibility of external measurements provided by the the following gauges:

  • Common workshop gauges
  • Mobile measuring arm with a measuring range of 2 500 mm and an accuracy of ± 0.034 mm
  • CNC coordinate  measuring machine with a measuring range of 1200 x 3000 x 1000 mm and a measurement accuracy of MPEE=(2.3 + 3.0*L/1000) µm
  • Measurement of coating thickness measurement and quality spray paint adhesion
  • Apparatus for measuring surface roughness
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