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Pelleting line

Pelleting line

Do not hurt nature with bio-waste from horses, or fumes from its processing. Use bio-waste to make green energy.

Production of bio-fuel (agropellets) from bio-waste from raising horses is carried out on a line, consisting of a dryer heated with hot air, from a hot air boiler or hot water boiler for agropellets, mixture crushers, cyclones, pellet press, cooling system, grading and packing of agropellets. The parts can be connected by a system of conveyors and transfer systems.



  • Addressing the issue of removal of bio-waste for small and medium-sized farms
  • Production of energy and environmentally friendly fuel - agropellets
  • Quick return on investment
  • Easy to use lines
  • Manufacture not over-demanding of energy
  • Flexible service, Slovak producer
  • Savings on heating costs, removal and disposal of biological waste
  • Green production from renewable sources on farm premises
  • Free training for customer


  • Agropellet calorific value is 18.60 MJ / kg
  • Achievable performance of 1 kg of agropellets is 5.17 kWh (at 100% efficiency of burning)
  • Hourly rate of agropellet use for 1 kW is 0.23 kg / kWh
  • Energy from 1.85 kg of agropellets is equivalent to the energy obtained from 1 m3 of natural gas







  • Space requirements for installing the line are min. 4 m x 8 m depending on the position of automation and power lines, in-house farm (hot pot must be placed in a separate room). The pellet line requires the construction of hot-flue boiler.
  • Crew of the automated line consists of one worker who handles the material being processed (loading and unloading the dryer, loading from the hopper to the crusher, loading the tray conveyor, packing and handling finished agropellets, verifying the correctness of operation of individual parts of the line and the quality of manufactured agropellets).
  • Separate fire protection project.
  • The requirement for electrical connection represents the maximum power load of about 23 kW.


Depending on the daily amount of manure produced, we will create a high-quality line for you based on your requirements and means.

Using agropellets saves up to 70% on heating costs compared to the use of gas and 90% of costs compared to using electricity.

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