Posúvame limity od roku 2007



IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. was founded in 1995 in Považská Bystrica. It is a private company owned 100% by Slovak partners. Since its inception, the firm has dynamically grown and developed. The company specializes in manufacturing and business, and employs more than 420 employees.


Overview of development:


  • 1995 Foundation of IMC Slovakia as a marketing company
  • 1996 Launch of customs warehouse for material
  • 1997 Transformation into a business company
  • 1998 Foundation of AKB Slovakia, construction office
  • 1999 Foundation of joint-venture with Rademaker, start of Rademaker Slovakia
  • 2000 Foundation of joint-venture with Kisters, start of Kisters Slovakia
  • 2001 Transformation into a manufacturing and business company
  • 2002 Foundation of joint-venture with Desma, start of Desma Slovakia
  • 2003 Buy-out of Kisters’ share in Kisters Slovakia, start of KSK Slovakia
  • 2005 Deployment of a new information system for production management
  • 2006 Creation of a branch in Eastern Slovakia in Sabinov, ATECH Slovakia
  • 2007 Development of Metal Service Centre – IMC Slovakia, opening of a new material store.


  • 2008 Integrated Quality System Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 Construction of the heavy assembly hall
  • 2009 Construction of a new production hall in Lipany in eastern Slovakia
  • 2009 The global economic crisis
  • 2010 Integrated Quality System Certification according to EN ISO 3834-2: 2005, Manufacture of basic metals, manufacture and repair of metal products, Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • 2011 Creation of the Green technology division.
  • 2012 Period of the beginning of new collaborations.
  • 2013 Recovery period from crisis, the company structure was redesigned and management was renewed
  • 2014 Introduction of new control system IFS and the opening of the new assembly hall KSK - 1000 m2
  • 2015 Opening of the new hall - Technological centrum - 1000m2
  • 2016 Opening of the new electrical assembly hall, construction of four new halls - 5200m2
  • 2017    Opening of the 4 new halls - 5200m2, new own product - electric wheelbarrow Smartwiel
  • 2018   Development of new own product - electric scooter Citywiel




  1. First headquarters of the firm – flat of founder Ing. Ďurkovský (1995)
  2. Second headquarters of the firm – rented premises in the NF building (1997)
  3. Customs warehouse for material (1997)
  4. Site of the construction office AKB joint venture with a German partner – rented offices in the previous "Agrosana" building (1998)
  5. Third headquarters of the firm – rented premises in the SSE building in Považská Bystrica (1999)
  6. Start of construction of own buildings in Šebešťanová, Považská Bystrica (2001)
  7. View of the IMC Slovakia site (2010) 
  8. Technological Centrum (2015)
  9. Construction of four new halls  and the leadership (2016)
  10. View of the IMC Slovakia site (2017)







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