Posúvame limity od roku 2007



Our innovative system uses an advanced burring machine to guarantee high standards of surface treatments for metal. Grinding, burring, rounding edges inside and outside the lines speeds up priming work.

Working width: 1500 mm

Thickness of material: max. 50 mm


We offer you these services:

  • Removal of burrs and edge rounding of parts up to 50 mm thick material
  • Removal of stains on the plate surface
  • Consistency of edges on all external and internal contours
  • Grinding
  • Deburring
  • Rounding of edges

Grinding of welded parts:

Joins on welded parts can be cleaned as required with these technologies:

  • grinding down to nothing
  • pre-blast grinding, with the following abrasive blasting
  • chemical cleaning of stainless steel welds



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