Posúvame limity od roku 2007



IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. has precision CNC technology for folding and bending steel sheets, blanks and cut shapes.

Hydraulic folding presses ensure precision and quality of the bent parts. High precision machinery, together with a wide variety of tools available allows the solution of both simple and very complicated shapes to bend. Bending presses enable bending with a compressive strength of 850 kN for a bending length of 2050 mm, with a thickness of 5 mm of mild steel.


CNC technology enables the optimization of the process and cost savings for us and our customers. Qualified personnel in cooperation with the control centre enable high accuracy and guarantee the quality of the bend accurate 0.01 mm of the angle to achieve the desired size and components after bending accurate to 0.05 mm.0.05 mm.


Powerful hydraulic presses can bend parts up to 4000 mm length with thickness up to a thickness of 14 mm for steel products. The developed force is up to 32 tons.


The new folding press technology enables us to bend parts into different shapes such as radii of larger sizes, and folding plates to a thickness of 2 mm. With soft metals it is possible to eliminate the trace of the bending tool.



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