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Electric scooter Citywiel

Electric scooter Citywiel

CITYWIEL - the Electric Scooter

The City Wiel electric scooter (hereinafter also referred to as the CW or the CW electric scooter) is a simple two-wheeled means of transport for one person. The CW electric scooter is suitable for the fast moving of a person on common roads in the village and also out it. It is also intended for the accelerated transfer of a person to the premises in large industrial enterprises, either for transport between objects in exterior, or directly in production halls. The driving gear, a direct-current electric motor, is located in the back wheel of the scooter. The maximum speed of the CW electric scooter is 25km /h. The maximum carrying capacity of the scooter is 150 kg.


The advatnages of the Citywiel

The City Wiel electric scooter has got several advantages over existing technical solutions. A firm tube frame with a load capacity of up to 150 kg belongs to the most significant advantages. The frame is designed universally to allow both a fixed and a spring-loaded fork to be used, allowing users to choose the preferred type of fork. Another advantage is the possibility of doubling endurance distance by adding the second battery to the battery compartment. An advantageous technical solution for the electric wheel is that it only puts up minimal resistance when idling, which allows the use of the electric scooter as a classic one even when the battery is discharged. The scooter is designed to add commonly available bike accessories such as brake levers, sound warning devices, tachometers, and the like.

Technical parameters

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