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The degreasing technology at IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. is part of the surface treatment of metals. By degreasing in an automatic insulated box, parts and unfinished products are prepared for the subsequent coating operation.

After degreasing parts are free from dirt, grease and other undesirable coatings on their surface.

The stainless steel degreasing box is equipped with a 5-axis CNC spraying machines. Products in the stainless steel box are submersed in an ecologically sound formulation, a degreaser. Degreasers are water based and therefore meet strict European standards.

The degreasing box is connected through pipes and vents to and external heating unit with an output of 50 kW, which provides warm air in the box to a temperature of 90 ° C and the dries the degreased components.


Product dimensions suitable for degreasing:


Max. width of product:   2 500 mm
Max. length: 3 500 mm
Max. height: 2 000 mm


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