Posúvame limity od roku 2007



IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. also deals with complete surface work:

  • Removing unevenness
  • Sanding corrosion
  • Masking threads
  • Modification of surfaces through coating


Coating is the most common way to assess and protect the surface of products made from metal, plastic or wood. It uses a base and top coat selected from a wide range of RAL colour paints. The painting can be achieved with varying degrees of shine and the surface texture:

Lustre - shiny, semi-shiny, semi-matt, matt

Texture - smooth, fine texture, rough texture, hammer texture

In order achieve high quality of coating we use a CNC concorde jumbo coating line with dimensions 12000 x 3900 x 2800 mm which can be converted into a two boxes in the ratio 1:2.



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